Trailers and Clips: Fantasy Island (2020), Redhanded (2019), Dracula (1979), Prophecy (1979)

Fantasy Island (2020) trailer

Coming Valentine’s Day 2020 from Blumhouse and Sony Pictures is Fantasy Island. Based off the classic tv series, Jeff Wadlow brings us a horror take with a script by himself, Jillian Jacobs, and, Christopher Roach. Maggie Q, Michael Pena, Portia Doubleday, Kim Coates, and Michael Rooker star.

Redhanded (2019) trailer

Redhanded (2019) releases on December 3rd, written and directed by Frank Peluso. Michael Biehn, Ryan Carnes, Owen Burke, Kenzie Dalton, and Rick Salomon. A group of brothers travel to a river in Oregon to spread his ashes. After one of their kids goes missing it triggers memories of one of them being abducted 30 years ago. Only by solving the mysteries of the past can the brothers find the missing kid.

Clip from Dracula (1979)
Clip from Dracula (1979)
Dracula (1979) trailer

Out on Blu-Ray from Scream Factory is Dracula (1979), directed by John Badham, with a script by W.D. Richter. Frank Langella, Laurence Olivier, Donald Pleasence, and Kate Nelligan star. In 1913, Dracula travels to England to search for a bride.

Clip from Prophecy (1979)
Clip from Prophecy (1979)
Prophecy (1979) trailer

Out from Scream Factory is 1979’s Prophecy, directed by John Frankenheimer from a script by David Seltzer. Talia Shire, Robert Foxworth, Armand Assante, and Richard Dysart star. A giant killer bear attacks after being mutated by toxic waste. A classic animal attack horror movie that has to be seen to be believed.

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